If you want to make changes to a marking column set, such as remove a marking column/term association remember this rule:
  • You cannot delete a marking column from the marking column set or remove a term association from a marking column if information exists for the marking column in the program, such as grades in the marking column in Grades or information on the Grading tab on course records in Records.

To make changes for a new academic year, proceed as follows:

  1. In Registrar's Office Setup in Configuration, rename the existing marking column set so you can use the name for the new marking column set.
    For example, change "Quarters" to "Quarters Old".
  2. Create the new marking column set, being sure to carefully define the marking column/term associations. For example, to avoid problems in Faculty Access for the Web, don't associate the Quarter 1 marking column with the Semester 2 term.
    For more information, refer to Able to enter grades for dropped and withdrawn students in Faculty Access for the Web.
  3. In Academic years in Configuration, select the new marking column set on the General tab of the session record.