Giving hierarchies are available in The Raiser's Edge Enterprise. A giving hierarchy enables you to track numerous levels of giving in your campaigns with a high level of detail. When you start a new campaign, you probably want to attach goals and estimated expenses for not only the entire campaign, but for the specific initiatives — the individual funds — for specific purposes.

A key concept to grasp when creating hierarchies is the parent-child relationship between items in the hierarchy. When you create a hierarchy, you specify how items nest; an item that ranks higher in the hierarchy than another item is parent to that item. In the following example, the Annual Campaign is parent to both the Acquisition Fund, and Building Fund. Additionally, because the Playground Site Fund is a child of the Building Fund, it is also child to the Annual Campaign

To set this up:

    • Click Records, Campaigns
    • Open the appropriate campaign
    • Select the Giving Hierarchy tab
    • To add funds to the Giving Hierarchy, click the down arrow beside Add New Fund or Add Existing Fund
    • As you add funds to the hierarchy, the summaries at the bottom of the screen are updated to reflect the changes. The total goal of all funds you have added appears.
    • If you add a fund to a parent that has a GL Distribution defined, a message appears asking if you want to apply the GL Distribution from the parent fund to the fund you are currently adding to the hierarchy.  If you want to apply the parent distribution and overwrite any distributions which may have been defined on the fund you are adding, click Yes. If you do not want to apply the distribution, click No.
    • To adjust or establish the parent and child relationships among funds in your hierarchy, use the arrows on the action bar.
    • To set the default fund (e.g. the fund to which all donations should be applied unless otherwise specified by the constituent), click Set Default. You can select only one fund as the default.
    • To limit the funds that can be saved with a campaign when you enter gifts, mark the Limit data entry to only the funds associated with this campaign checkbox.
    • Click Save and Close

    Note: The giving hierarchy is only available in The Raiser's Edge Enterprise.