Before assigning course requests or allowing students to enter course requests in NetClassroom, confirm students have Student Progression Entries for the academic year and exclude students from course request assignment by status
  1. Ensure each student has a Student Progression Entry

    You can assign course requests to a student only if he has a student progression entry for the appropriate school and academic year. You can globally add student progression entries with the Mark for Reenrollment wizard.
  2. Include only current students in course request assignment

    Generate Student Schedules uses course requests to enroll students in classes. To ensure accurate enrollment statistics, you must include only current students in course request assignment.
    1. On the Configuration page, click Business Rules.
    2. From the list on the left, select Scheduling.
    3. In the Include the following statuses when scheduling box, unmark the checkbox for any status other than that assigned to current students.

      Scheduling Business Rules