Blackbaud tries to maintain binary compatibility with all of its objects. There are times however that binary compatibility must be broken to address critical performance issues or to implement new features.

With that in mind, we strongly recommend testing all customizations in a test environment prior to upgrading the live data. Although we have typically not seen any major issues with other clients that have upgraded, we do supply a "What's Changed" document that lists all of the changes. This document can be found by:
  1. Click on Help, VBA/API help on the upper toolbar
  2. Expand the Programmer Reference node
  3. Select the Changed Object Reference for the appropriate version
Note: In general Blackbaud is unable to test or verify any customization against any type of upgrade (server OS, SQL, BB core products etc) and we recommend that you perform your own tests around functionality. If you have a customization support contract we will assist in fixing any compatibility issues you encounter with the upgrade.