For each academic year, you can maintain one financial aid record per applicant or student. On this record, you document the types of tuition assistance requested, family income and expected contribution, and the type of aid received. 

Note: Financial aid information is shared between the applicant record in Admissions Office, the student record in Registrar's Office, and the student record in Student Billing. When you make changes to financial aid information in one program, the changes appear in all programs. 

  1. Open the student or applicant record 
  2. Select the Financial Aid Applications tab in Student Billing, or the Financial Aid tab in Admissions Office or Registrar's Office  
  3. Click New Financial Aid Application or New Financial Aid 
  4. In the Academic year field, select the year for which the student is requesting financial aid
    Note: A student can have only one financial aid application record per academic year. Only academic years for which the student does not have a financial aid record appear in the drop-down menu. 
  5. If the student wants financial assistance, mark the Financial aid desired checkbox 
  6. After sending the financial aid form, mark the Form sent on checkbox and enter the date 
  7. Once the student returns the financial aid form, mark the Form received on checkbox and enter a date 
  8. In the Family income field, enter the family's income 
  9. In the Adjusted family income field, enter the amount the school is adjusting the family's income 
  10. In the Cost of attendance field, enter the cost to attend the school. This field is used to calculate the total annual qualification. 
  11. In the Reported family contribution field, enter the total amount a family can spend on education for the year. This amount is determined by School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS). 
  12. In the Expected family contribution field, enter the amount the family is expected to contribute for the student's tuition. This amount is calculated by SSS. 
  13. The Total annual qualification field displays the total amount for which the student qualifies based on the amounts in the Cost of attendance and Expected family contribution fields  
  14. In the Letter field, select the letter to send to the student. Once the letter is sent, you can open this student record, mark the Letter sent on checkbox and enter a date. 
  15. Once a student qualifies for financial aid, you can enter information in the grid about each qualification: 
    1. In the Category column select a financial aid category, for example, Scholarship or Grant 
    2. In the Type column, select the type of aid the student qualifies for. For example, Presidential science grant or Soccer scholarship. 
    3. In the Date Qualified column, enter the date the financial aid information was entered 
    4. In the Amount Qualify column, enter the amount of financial aid for which the student qualifies 
    5. If financial aid is granted, enter the date granted in the Date Granted column 
    6. If financial aid is granted, enter the amount granted in the Amount Granted column 
    7. If the student accepts the financial aid offer, mark the checkbox in the Accepted column 
    8. A checkmark in the Scheduled column indicates the financial aid line item has an assigned billing schedule
      Note: If you do not see the Scheduled column, use the scroll bar to scroll to the right 
    9. In the Comments column, click the magnifying glass (or press F7) to open the Comments screen where you can enter notes about the financial aid line item 
  16. To add attributes and notes to the financial aid record, select the Attributes/Notes tab 
  17. Click OK

For more information on financial aid in Student Billing, review: