Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.
  1. Important notes
    • You cannot add course requests for students for future academic years unless the students have Student Progression Entries for the year. You can globally create Student Progression Entries using the Mark for Re enrollment wizard.
    • With the Mark for Re enrollment wizard, you can also:
      • Update status information
      • Re enroll students
      • Delete tracks
      • Delete checklist items
      • Add tracks
      • Add checklist items
      • Add an action
      • Copy attributes from the student view of the record to the applicant view of the record, enter values for required applicant attributes, and add additional applicant attributes
      • Create the applicant side of the student record in situations where Registrar's Office is not installed, and the student record was initially created within Student Billing rather than Admissions Office
    • The only way to undo Mark for Re enrollment processing is to restore to a backup (BB52243). To preview changes before making them, click Preprocessing Report before you click Run Now.
  2. How to run Mark for Re enrollment
    1. On the Administration page, click Status Wizards
      Note: You can also create and run the Mark for Re enrollment wizard in Records - Students by clicking the Mark for Re enrollment link
    2. From the list on the left, select Mark for Re enrollment
    3. Click New on the action bar
    4. General tab
      1. In the From school field, select the school from which you are re enrolling the students
      2. In the From year field, select the year from which you are re enrolling the students
      3. If you are using the Mark for Re enrollment wizard only to create Student Progression Entries, do not enter information in the Status, Status date, and Status reason fields
      4. In the Promotion schedule field, select the promotion schedule (BB133586) to use, such as High School. 
      5. In the To year field, select the year to which you are re enrolling the students                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Note: If promotion schedule has graduating students being promoted to a different school and the 'To Year' selected does not apply to the selected school (i.e. the Academic year selected is not defined for the promotion school) then 'To Year for Promotion school' field will appear. It will provide a drop-down of available years from the promotion school to chose from and will create student progression records using the year chosen.
      6. To create a query of the students not successfully processed, mark the Create exception query checkbox To create a query of the student records that are updated when you run the wizard, mark the Create query of students with changes checkbox
      7. To print a report of the student records that are updated, mark the Print a control report on [ ] checkbox and select a printer
      8. Click Next

    5. Additional Information tab
      1. If applicable, select values in the fields in the Enrollment Information frame
        Note: If you select Today in the Date enrolled from field and save the parameters to run this wizard again, you do not have to update this field each time you run the saved wizard 
      2. In the When creating student progression entries box, you can select Specific Value or Copy Previous for the Advisor, Homeroom Teacher, and Homeroom fields. If you select Specific Value, use the binoculars to select a faculty member by name.
      3. Click Next

    6. Checklist/Action tab
      1. In the Delete frame, you can select tracks and checklist items to delete from the included records
      2. In the Add frame, you can select actions, tracks, and checklist items to add to the included records
      3. Click Next
    7. Filters tab
      1. Filter the students included in the process by name, status, grade level, and/or attribute.
      2. To view a list of records included in the update, click Preview Included Records. On the Records to Include screen, you can deselect records you do not want to include.
      3. Click Preprocessing Report to preview a report of changes to records before running the wizard.
      4. Click Run Now.
      5. Name and save the parameter set.
      6. When the wizard is complete, a control report appears. After reviewing the report, click the red X to return to the wizard.
      7. Click Save and Close on the action bar.