Public Sub AddGift()
      Dim oConstit As CRecord
      Set oConstit = New CRecord

      oConstit.Init REApplication.SessionContext

      'System Record ID of Constituent
      oConstit.Load 187

      Dim ogift As CGift
      Set ogift = New CGift

      ogift.Init REApplication.SessionContext

      With ogift

       .Fields(GIFT_fld_Constit_ID) = oConstit.Fields(RECORDS_fld_ID)
       .Fields(GIFT_fld_Type) = "Pledge"
       .Fields(GIFT_fld_Date) = "2/28/2005"
       .Fields(GIFT_fld_Amount) = 50
       'Enter the Fund ID or Fund Description depending on the User option _
       'selected for Funds.
       'For annual recurrence use .Fields(GIFT_fld_Premium_Frequency)="Annually"

       .Fields(GIFT_fld_Fund) = "2005 Annual Fund"
       .Fields(GIFT_fld_Installment_Frequency) = "Monthly"
       .Fields(GIFT_fld_Number_of_Installments) = 50
       .Fields(GIFT_fld_Date_1st_Pay) = "2/28/2005"

       'Day of the week the payment should be made
       .Fields(GIFT_fld_Schedule_MonthlyDayOfWeek) = "Monday"

       'Th Monthly Ordinal tells us the Second Monday of each month
       '1 - First week, 2 - Second week, 3 - Third week, 4 - Fourth week , 5 - Last week
       .Fields(GIFT_fld_Schedule_MonthlyOrdinal) = "2"

       'The schedule spacing is 1 for every month. 2 would be every other month, ect.
       .Fields(GIFT_fld_Schedule_Spacing) = 1

       'Generate the schedule using the above information

       'Save the pledge

      End With

      Set ogift = Nothing

End Sub

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