To have each constituency code on a separate line:
Create a constituent code import file
To have all constituency codes on the same line:

  1. Create a constituent query. On the Criteria tab, select Constituency, Constituency Code not blank. On the Sort tab, select Constituent Information, Sort Key.
  2. Create a constituent export in Excel or Comma-Separated Value format. On the Output tab, select Constituent Information, Name and Constituency Codes, Code long description.
  3. When prompted, enter the number of constituency codes to export. Enter the number for the most constituency codes a constituent would have. For example, if all constituents have two constituency codes except for one constituent has five, you would enter 5. You can enter up to 99.
  4. If appropriate, select the specific constituency codes to export. If wanting all constituency codes, leave this set to the defaults. Click OK.
  5. Click Export Now
  6. Open the file in Excel and print it