1. In Records, click Courses. 
  2. Click Add a New Course. 
  3. On the Course tab, the required fields are Course ID, Course name, and School
    • Each course ID must be unique within the school. You can duplicate course IDs across schools.
    • You can select a school only if multiple schools are defined in Configuration.
  4. In the Description box, enter a description of the course for the course catalog

    New Course

  5. In the Course category field, select Standard, Transfer Course, or Mandatory. For more information, review When to define a course as Standard, Transfer, or Mandatory (BB143242).
    Note: Once you save the record, you cannot change the course category 
  6. In the grid, record the department(s) and type(s) of this course. For example, identify a course as an English elective.

For more information about creating course records, review: