Prior to running Address Accelerator, set up the appropriate business rule:
    • Click Config, Business Rules (If you do not see Config, please sign into Raiser's Edge with Supervisor rights)
    • Select General in the left frame
    • Select the appropriate option:
      • Abbreviate all address elements to USPS format without punctuation (USPS preferred format)
        Example: 3 North Main Street  will validate to 3 N Main St
      • Abbreviate all address elements to USPS format with punctuation
        Example: 3 North Main Street will validate to 3 N. Main St.
      • Abbreviate all address elements with punctuation except suffix, rural route, and unit designation
        Example: 3 North Main Street will validate to 3 N. Main Street
      • Do not abbreviate any address elements
         Example: 3 North Main Street  
    Note: Address elements consist of the suffix (e.g. Street, Boulevard, etc.), directionals (e.g. North, South, etc.), unit designation (e.g. Apartment, Suite, etc.), rural route, highway, contract route, and post office box.  For addresses with two address lines, AddressAccelerator will combine them into the first address line.