For multiple gifts: 
1. Create a gift Export
2. On the General tab, click Include > select the records desired. (Note: If Selected Records is picked, ensure that the soft credit options in the query are set to Both.)
3. On the Output tab, select:
  • Amount
  • Soft Credit/Matching Gift Flag (Tip: This will help indicate soft credit recipients.)
  • Constituent > Biographical > Name
  • Soft Credits > Constituent Name
  • Optionally, add other fields as desired

4. Run the Export. 


On a single constituent record:

1. Open a constituent record (in the Database View in RE NXT).
2. Click on the Gifts tab.
3. Right click on the list of gifts.
4. Select Columns...
5. In the new window, locate Constituent Name in the left Columns: frame. (Tip: Scroll to the bottom.) 
6. Highlight and double-click on Constituent Name to move it to the right Display these columns: list. 
7. Optionally, move over other fields and use the up and down arrows in the upper right to arrange the column order. 
8. Click OK. 
9. Right click on the list of gifts.
10. Select Legend.
11. In new window, scroll down to Soft Credits. 
12. Review the options for the display.
13. Click OK. 
14. Review the Constituent Name column. If the name is different from the Constituent record name, then the gift is coming from another record. The Legend option should display if the gift is a soft credit. 
15. Save and close the constituent. This revised setup will show on all constituent record Gifts tabs now. (Note: These settings are considered User Options. Each user can set up their own Columns and Legends as desired.)