For a specific record, open the record and select File, Properties.

If you need to find records added by a particular user, who it was changed by, or the last date it was changed:

  1. Create a new query
  2. Select the appropriate Query Type
    Note: This query can be run on all types except Payments in Accounts Payable
  3. On the Criteria tab, expand [Record Type] Properties and select the appropriate criteria. Available options are:
    • Date added
    • Date changed
    • Added by
    • Last Changed By
  4. Select an Operator of Equals and select the specific User or Date
    Note: If you just want to find who added or changed a record, select these fields on the Output tab instead of the Criteria tab
  5. Select any other fields to include the results on the Output tab
  6. Select the Results tab to view the results