1. Create a constituent query.
2. Filter on any gift field (example: Gift date equals This month)
3. Select Tools > Query Options > Gift Processing.
- Choose to soft credit either to the Recipient or Both.
- Note:  You can output the Address fields in the query created in step 1 if you prefer to export directly from the query, however this could produce duplicate results. If there are duplicates, we would recommend using the
  Export Module. 
4. Save and close the query.
5. Create a new Constituent Export.
6. Add query by choosing Include > Selected Records on the first tab of the Export.
7. In order to Export both parties separately, in the case of spouses, we will need to be sure under 'Head of Household' Processing, "Export both constituents separately" is marked. 
8. Add desired output fields including Address > Preferred Address, All Addresses, or Address Processing.
9. Choose address fields that you would like to export.
10. Save and export the data.
11. Soft Credit recipients should be listed on separate rows with an address. The address pulls from the soft credit recipient's constituent record. 

Click here to output the soft credit amount.