The Copy master schedule function can save time if your master schedule does not change much from year to year. Changes can be made without having to create an entirely new master schedule. For each class, you can select to copy meetings, teachers, and rooms.


  • The years being copied from and to must have the same session defined, and for each session, the same timetable and terms selected. 
  • You can also copy course restrictions (BB148977) for the Academic Year to which the scheduling is being copied
  1. On the Scheduling page>click Copy Scheduling Year
  2. In the Copy from academic year field, select the academic year containing the master schedule to copy
  3. In the Copy to academic year field, select the academic year to which to
    copy the master schedule
  4. In the Session field, select the session to which to copy
    Note: The session must have the same timetable and terms in both years
  5. If classes already exist in the year, session, and school to which you are
    copying, you cannot copy. To delete existing class and schedule information before copying, mark the Delete existing classes for the academic year being copied to checkbox.
  6. In the Copy this information for each class box, mark checkboxes for
    the information to copy: Meetings, Teachers, and Rooms.
  7. In the Include classes associated with these schools when copying box,
    mark the schools containing the classes to copy. This box appears only if
    multiple schools are associated with the selected academic years and
  8. Mark the Print control report checkbox to print a control report
  9. Click Preprocessing report
  10. Review the changes to be made 
  11. When ready to copy the year, click Copy Now
For more information, refer to The Education Edge Scheduling Guide (PDF).