A partial course request does not include all terms of a multi-term course. When you define course restrictions on course records, you designate whether to allow partial requests for the course.

  1. To define a course to allow partial requests:

    On the Restrictions 2 tab of a course record, you can add restrictions specific to an academic year and session. To allow students to request only some terms of a multi-term course, mark the Allow partial requests checkbox.

    Allow partial requests checkbox



  2. To enter a partial request when entering course requests by student:
    1. On the Scheduling page, click Enter course requests by student. The Schedule a Student screen appears, open to the Request View.
    2. Select the appropriate school, academic year, session, term, and student.
    3. Select a course in the Main Request column.
    4. Select the start term for the course.
    5. To determine if any exceptions exist for the request, click Save on the action bar.
    6. To override an exception, mark the checkbox in the Override? column and click Add Requests Now.
    7. A message appears letting you know the request has been saved. Click OK.
    8. In the Term field above the grid, select the term for which to delete the request.
    9. Highlight the row of the request to delete and press Delete on your keyboard.
    10. A message appears asking if you are sure you want to delete the row. Click Yes.
    11. A message asking if you want to delete the request for the course for other terms. Click No so you do not delete the partial request in the other term.

      Note: If the message does not appear, the course is not set to allow partial requests for the academic year and session.