Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Post grades from Faculty Access for the Web to Grades
  2. Open Grades and click Enter Grades by Student to be sure they have posted successfully

  3. Ensure the comments and grades are marked to print on report cards:
    1. In Grades, click Enter Grades by student
    2. Select the school, academic year, session, term, and student
    3. Find the row of the course for which grades and/or comments are not printing
    4. Right-click and select Details for student
    5. Manually Mark the Print Grade on Transcripts and Print Grade on Report Cards checkboxes.  You can also globally mark this option for a large group of records through an import.
    6. Click OK
    7. Click Save and Close

  4. Select the correct marking column to include:
    1. In Mail - Forms, open the report card parameters
    2. Select the Details tab
    3. Highlight Courses and click Open
    4. Select the Columns tab
    5. Locate the row with Grade in the description and double-click the row to open it
    6. Select the correct marking column and click OK
    7. Repeat for each row that has Grade in the description
    8. Select the Comments tab Mark the appropriate marking column checkboxes

For more information, refer to
How to print comments for multiple marking columns on report cards and transcripts (BB132184)