Below is VB Script code used to connect to The Raiser's Edge and return a count of the constituent records

Option Explicit



<job id="DoneInVBS">

<?job debug="true"?>

<script language="VBScript">

WScript.Echo "This is VBScript"


const DBNumber=50

const amServer=1 'This makes the API be in non-interactive mode. You must supply user name/password


set REAPI=createobject("reapi7.reapi")

REAPI.Init "wre1111","Supervisor","admin",50,"",amServer


dim oSessionContext

set oSessionContext=reapi.SessionContext


dim oRecords

set orecords = createobject("constitdata7.crecords")

orecords.Init (oSessionContext) 'Need parens to pass byvalue


msgbox oRecords.Count




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