The steps below will allow you to export the User ID and Password for relations using a Student export.  If you would like to use the optional module NetMail to email these credentials directly to parents, it is recommended that you use an Idividual export instead.  For more information about exporting online User IDs and Passwords for just Students or for relations using an Individual Export, see BB146991
  1. On the Export page, click New on the action bar.
  2. On the Create a New Export screen, Select Student and then select your preferred export format, such as Blackbaud Simple Word Merge, and click Create Now.
  3. On the Filters tab, select the appropriate filters to narrow the students included in the export. For example, you can filter by status or grade level.
  4. On the Output tab, select the appropriate fields for the communication, such as Student Name, Current Grade and Address. 
  5. To include the relation's online User ID and Password, expand Relationships, Person Relation and select the Online password, Online user ID fields, Primary addressee, and Primary salutation fields.
    Note: When you select the first field in the Person Relation subcategory, a screen appears so you can define the relationships to include. For example, you can include only emergency contacts with the relationship types of Father, Mother, Stepfather, Stepmother, and Legal Guardian.
  6. Click Export Now.