You can add classes in the List View or Grid View of the Master Schedule screen.
  1. On the Scheduling page>click Edit Master Schedule.
  2. Select View, List View or View, Grid View from the menu bar.
  3. Click Add Class on the action bar.
  4. On the New Class screen, in the Course ID field, select the course for which to create a class.
  5. In the Start term field, select the start term for the class. If only one start term is available, the field is grayed out. Once you save the class, you cannot edit the start term.
  6. In the Section field, enter the section number or name (maximum of 4 alphanumeric characters).

    • The Section field value defaults to the lowest section number available for the course.
    • If you have just created the class, the number of meetings without resources will be zero (0) because no meetings exist yet.
  7. To save the class record and return to the Master Schedule screen, click Save and Close.

For more information, review: