To save time and prevent data entry mistakes, you can copy one student (or applicant) record to create another student (or applicant) record. For example, you can create Shane Bell's applicant record by copying his sister Erica's student record.

  1. On the Students page in Records, click Copy Student/Applicant Information.
  2. On the Copy Student Information screen, in the Copy information from field,
    click the binoculars to search for and select a record to copy.
  3. In the Record type to create field, select Applicant or Student.
  4. In the next field, select how the new record relates to the record to be copied. For example, select Brother to identify Shane as Erica's brother.
  5. In the following field, select how the existing record relates to the new record. For example, select Sister to identify Erica as the sister of Shane.
  6. To copy addresses, mark the Addresses checkbox.
  7. To copy relationships, mark the Relationships checkbox.
  8. In the grid, select the correct relationship and reciprocal relationship for each person in the grid.
    For example, Charlene Bell is the mother of the new applicant. The new applicant is Charlene's son.
  9. To create the record, click Create Now.
  10. Verify the information is correct and continue adding information until the record is complete.
  11. Click Save and Close on the action bar.