The difference between grading scales and translation tables is that grading scales are used exclusively for assignment grades and translation tables are used for marking column grades.

Grading scales are used to translate non-numeric assignment grades (such as E or A+) into numeric grades that can be used to calculate averages in FAWeb gradebooks. Grading scales affect only assignment grades in Faculty Access for the Web and are not used within Registrar's Office. For example, a teacher may enter "S" for Satisfactory as an assignment grade. The grading scale will be used to translate S to a numeric value so it can be included in a calculation to average assignment grades. Review How to define grading scales.  

Translation tables are defined and associated with courses in Registrar's Office and affect marking column grades posted from Faculty Access for the Web. If teachers use letter grades for marking column grades in FAWeb, or if grades are posted from FAWeb to Registrar's Office as letter grades, the translation table is used to translate these letter grades to numeric grades that can be used in calculations. Review: