The following steps apply to a conditional mail merge completing and the wrong letter or the wrong version of a letter appearing in the results. If the mail merge is not working overall, please refer How to troubleshoot missing or incorrect records in mailing (labels, envelopes, Quick Letters, etc.)

Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

1. Ensure the gift for which the incorrect letter was created does not meet the criteria of that conditional letter, such as specified letter code. If the gift meets the criteria, the correct letter was created.

2. Verify the correct letter parameter is being used. (Was the correct mail setup chosen under Donor Acknowledgement Letters, Receipts, etc.?)

3. Open the mail parameter, click on Send to Word Merge Wizard:
  • Click No to mark gifts as Acknowledged or Receipts if prompted
  • Click Next
  • Ensure conditional mail merge is selected
  • Click Next
  • Ensure the correct conditional field is highlighted (common ones are Letter or Fund description)
  • Click Next
  • In the merge documents list, review the following:
    • If using the "not equal to" and "equal to" operators, arrange the "equal to" operator first in the list of letters before the others.
    • Review the Compare to values. If a value is listed twice there, the first one in the list will be used. (Update the condition, move down the incorrect one, or delete the incorrect one.)
    • If a letter needs to be edited, open the mail merge template to make the desired changes. Then find Add-ins in the top menu bar and select Save and return to RE7 to save the changes.
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish to run the Merge or Cancel to close the Wizard.
4. Edit the conditional mail merge documents

5. Recreate the entire conditional mail merge