In Faculty Access for the Web, you manage assignments on the Assignments page.
The required fields for each assignment are Category, Name, Maximum Points, and Factor.

In the Factor column, you enter how many times the assignment counts in calculations. This defaults to 1 and is limited to whole numbers. You can increase the factor to count an assignment multiple times in a calculation. For example, you can give one homework assignment 3 times as much weight as the other homework assignments. This feature is most often used if you calculate marking column averages from assignment grades.


  • An assignment with a factor of zero is excluded from automatically calculated averages and is not considered when dropping lowest assignment grades.


  • The factor you set for an assignment is different from the factor you set for categories

    Note: You can use category averages instead of assignment grades to calculate the marking column average

    When you define a marking column average to be based on category averages, you define the percentage each category average counts toward the marking column average. For example, the Tests category is 60% and the Homework category is 40%.

For more information, refer to How to set up marking column factors for calculations