The Schedules report provides a grid for teachers, rooms, or students. You can limit the data in the report using many parameters, such as periods, cycles, times of the day, and student grade levels.

To print schedules as a list, refer to How to run the Schedule Lists report (BB233336)

  1. On the Scheduling page, click Print schedules
  2. On the Select a Parameter File screen, click Add New
  3. Select File, Save to save the parameter for future use

    Note: The parameter is also accessible in Reports, click Scheduling Reports, highlight schedules

  4. On the General tab, in the Print schedules for field, you can select Teachers, Rooms, or Students
  5. Select the appropriate school, academic year, session, and terms
  6. If reporting on Students, you can mark the Print schedules changed as of checkbox and make a selection in the adjacent field, such as Specific Range, Today, Yesterday, or This Week
  7. You can mark the Create an output checkbox to create a query of the records included in the report. This query is available for use in other areas of the program.
  8. In the Report orientation field, you can select Portrait or Landscape
  9. Select the Meetings tab to limit the periods, cycles, or times of the day included in the report
  10. Select the Filters tab to restrict the output in the report based on the classes, courses, faculty, rooms, and/or students that you select
  11. Select the Format tab to determine how the report appears
  12. Click Preview or Print.