Note: This functionality is only available with the PlannedGiftTracker module. PlannedGiftTracker is included with The Raiser's Edge Enterprise and is available as an optional module in The Raiser's Edge 7. If you are interested in purchasing the module, contact your account manager by emailing

Refer to the Planned Gift Tracking Guide (PDF) for additional information.

Entering a planned gift:

  1. Create a gift for the constituent giving the planned gift.
  2. Select Planned Gift from the Gift type drop-down menu. Note that the available fields on the Gift tab change for this gift type.
  3. Enter the gift information, including the appropriate vehicle for the planned gift (e.g. Annuity, Bequest, Charitable Remainder Trust, etc.).
  4. Click Assets to enter any assets associated with the gift.
  5. Enter any other information for the gift.
  6. Save and close the gift.  

Realize the planned gift:

Once money is received for the planned gift, it is realized.

  1. Mark the planned gift as realized.
    1. In Records, open the appropriate planned gift.
    2. On the Gift tab, mark the Gift has been realized checkbox.
    3. Enter the final Remainder value/as of information.
    4. Save and close the gift. 
  2. Add a cash gift for the amount received to realize the planned gift. Note: Check with your organization's accounting department to determine how the cash gift should be entered.
  3. If on version 7.81 or higher, link the cash gift to the planned gift