Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Drop the student from any classes in which they are enrolled:
    1. In Records, Students, open the appropriate student
    2. Select the Courses tab to see the classes in which the student is enrolled
    3. In Scheduling, Drop the student from the classes (BB134926)
      Note: Dropping a student removes associated grades, skill ratings, and attendance entries for the student in the class for the term. 
  2. Delete any Lunch entries:
    1. In Scheduling, click Edit Student Schedules
    2. Open the student
    3. Click Lunch
    4. Right-click on any Lunch entries that exist and select Delete 
  3. Delete any existing course requests (BB146892)
  4. Delete any existing wait-listed courses. Note: These requests will only exist in Blackbaud Student Information Systems databases.
  5. Delete day attendance (BB334161)
    *Day attendance can still exist after courses are dropped and make sure to mark the 'Attendance Taken' checkbox in the Globally delete attendance parameter
  6. Delete the Other Courses for the student:
    1. In Grades, click Enter Grades by Student
    2. Select the appropriate academic year and student
    3. Delete each Other course row
  7. Check for Skills, GPAs, Performance, Ranking
    1. In Grades, Enter Grades by Student
    2. Open for the student
    3. Check the tabs for Skills, GPA, Performance, and Ranking
    4. Remove any entries in these tabs
  8. Delete the Residence Life information for the Academic Year and Session
    1. Go to Residence Life and click Enter residence life information student view.
    2. Search for the student for the Academic Year and Session for the progression entry to change.
    3. Clear out all fields.
    4. Save and Close.
  9. When looking at student in enter grades by student filter on transfer school and transfer year
    1. When looking at enter grades by student for transfer school and year we do not see any courses or grades to delete
    2. In Config, Academic Years, rename academic year for main school and transfer to the same thing (ex:2013-2014, not Upper 2013-2014 and Transfer 2013-2014)
    3. In Grades, Enter Grades by Student, select Transfer school for new academic year we created and filter on the student
    4. The Other courses appear and can be deleted
  10. Open student record and select Student, Student Progression from the menu bar.
  11. Highlight the invalid Progression Entry
  12. Click Delete, Ok
  13. Rename the academic years for the main school and transfer schools to the previous entries
  14. Save and close record