The Education Edge panels include:
  • Query to display information based on a selected query
  • Test Score Analysis to view comparisons of test scores. For example, you can break down scores on all tests (such as Applicant test, PSAT, and SAT) by gender, year, grade level, or subtest.
    Test Score Analysis
  • Demographics to view a demographic breakdown of your applicants or students. For example, you can break down applicants by age, citizenship, ethnicity, religion, or ZIP code.

  • Applicant Status Breakdown to view historic totals for applicant statuses.

    Applicant Status Breakdown
  • The Seats Filled to view seats remaining in each selected grade level for the current applications

    Seats Filled
  • Status Pipeline to view current application totals per
  • Recent Infractions to view details of conduct
    infractions during a specified date range
  • Top Users to view a ranking of users by number of
    records added
  • Action Reminders to view a list of all actions
    not yet completed
For more information refer to the the Dashboard Guide for the Education Edge on the User Guides page.