In Mail > Receipts, the field Gifts.YTD Amount calculates based on the receipt amount, not the gift amount. The field is designed to add recognition to the Receipt document, especially for donors who give more than once (i.e. "Thank you for your support totaling <YTD Amount> so far this year.")

The YTD Amount includes gifts that meet the criteria on the Fields to Include tab:
  1. Open the Receipts mailing parameter file
  2. Click the Fields to Include tab
  3. On the Field to Export side, click Gifts.YTD amount and click Options
  4. Confirm settings here are correct
  • YTD includes gifts made from the beginning of the range you included to 'today'. It will not include gifts made after the day the receipts are run. For example, if running receipts on January 28th, the YTD totals will not include gifts made on February 1.
  • Setting YTD Amount as of a specific date totals all gifts since that date up to the date the receipts are being run. There is not an "end date" setting available.
  • The YTD Amount field cannot total giving for the last calendar year. For tax statements, consider using the Annual Statement Report or refer to  How to prepare year-end letters and statements.