Send mail to this address box does not share from relationship record to constituent record

The Send mail to this address checkbox does not automatically update after it is changed on a shared address when making the edits from the relationship record.  When making changes from the original shared address (the constituent's record), a change to the Send mail the this address checkbox will also update on the other shared addresses.
Open the appropriate constituent record and mark (or unmark) the 'Send mail to this address' checkbox

The only fields on the Address record that are shared are the following:
  • Country
  • Address Block
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • County
  • Region
  • CART
  • LOT
  • NZ City
  • NZ Suburb

If any one of these fields are changed (and you click Save), the prompt: "This address is shared with at least one other record" will appear to either update all records that share the address or change only the one address record. For all other fields updated on the address, the shared addresses will not update.

Steps to Duplicate

  1.  Open a record for constituent with a constituent spouse
  2. Click the Spouse button on the Bio 1 tab
  3. Click the 'More' button in the spouse relationship record to open the preferred address
  4. Click to check the 'Send mail to this address' checkbox
  5. Save and Close the Spouse and Constituent record
  6. Open the spouse constituent record
  7. Select the 'More' button on the Bio 1 tab
  8. The 'Send mail to this address' box is not checked, even though it was marked in the Spouse's address record and the two addresses are linked

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