Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Open the Student or Applicant record
  2. Select the Relationship tab
  3. Make sure that both relationships exist on the student record

    Note: If father is to be added as a Constituent and mother is set to be added as a Nonconstituent, the mother will be added as a Constituent if the father is not a relationship on the student's record.
  4. Note the type of Relationship (Mother, Father, etc.)

  5. In Integration, click Set up Integration with the education software or The Raiser's Edge

  6. Select Student Relationships or Applicant Relationships

  7. Mark the Add student relations as Raiser's Edge constituents checkbox

  8. Mark the If the spouse of a relation also meets this criteria, do not add the spouse as a constituent checkbox

  9. Use the Up and Down buttons to move the Relationship types that should be added as a constituent to the top of the hierarchy list

    For example:

    If Father or Stepfather should be added as a constituent before Mother, move both Father and Stepfather so that they are listed above Mother in the grid


    If tracking through the mother's record, the father's relationship type must be beneath Mother in the grid, so that the mother is added as the constituent and the father is added as the nonconstituent