Enabling SSL in Blackbaud NetCommunity with a valid SSL Certificate provided by a trusted Certificate Authority  provides the following benefits:
  1. Encryption of the data exchanged between the website visitor's web browser and the web server, so that even if a third-party were to somehow intercept that data, they would be unable to decrypt and read it
  2. Verification of the web site's identity, so that web browsers may detect and warn the website visitor if the web server responding to their browser requests does not appear to be the site they are requesting

SSL is publicly-developed and widely-used protocol that is not specific to Blackbaud NetCommunity, and more detailed information about SSL is therefore available in the public domain, such as the public resources listed below:
Internet Engineering Task Force specification for Secure Sockets Layer Protocol Version 3.0
Symatec's Introduction to SSL and How SSL Works
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