To reimburse the employee through Payroll:

Note: Consult your Accounting professional to determine if reimbursements should be properly made through Payroll.
  • In Payroll 7:
    1. In Configuration, click Pay Types.
    2. Create a Pay Type for the reimbursement with a pay category of Other.

      Note: If reimbursing an employee for nontaxable items, ensure all withholding settings (federal, state and local) are set to Do not withhold tax or report and do not include on Line 2 of the 941.
    3. Load the appropriate schedule.
    4. Save and close the pay type created.
    5. Add the pay type to the employee record on the Compensation/Deduction tab.
    6. Save the employee record.
    7. Create the calculation.

    To reimburse an employee through Accounts Payable:
  • Create a one-time check for the employee

  • To track the employee information in Accounts Payable:
    1. Create a vendor record for the employee
    2. Create an invoice for the reimbursement
    3. Pay the invoice with a computer check