1. In Registrar's Office, open Administration and click Globally Change Records
  2. Highlight Student and click New Change
  3. On the General Tab, under the Available Fields, select Relationships
  4. Expand Relationships and select Allow relation to view NetClassroom
  5. On the Relationships criteria window, select the appropriate criteria and relationship types to include in the change
  6. Click OK
  7. On the Edit Change Parameters window, to mark the View NetClassroom checkbox select:
    1. Operation = Add
    2. Add = Checked
    3. Click OK

    To unmark the View NetClassroom checkbox:
    1. Operation = Replace
    2. Replace = Checked
    3. With = Unchecked
    4. Click OK
  8. On the Filters Tab, filter on the students to include in the change
  9. You can mark to create a control report, query of exceptions, and/or query of changed records.
  10. Click Change Now. You will be prompted to save your static queries (if selected)

Note: For more information, refer to How to use Global Change (BB95690)