A transaction log backup is run every 15 minutes.  A full backup is run once a week over the weekend.  Blackbaud shall provide fully restorable, client data backups in accordance with the following:

Nightly:  Retained on-site for 1 week
Weekly:  Retained off-site for 4 weeks 
Monthly:  Retained off-site for 6 months (Monthly backups are taken on the last weekend of the month)

Service Level Agreement: Client may request a copy of a backup by creating a case with Support. Backups sent to client shall be limited to one per month. Data backups stored off-site will be made available within five (5) days of the date of the retrieval request to Hosting Support.

For more information, review How to request a backup of your Blackbaud Hosting Services database

Integrity Checks:  As needed, by request
Update Statistics:  Daily at 2 a.m.
Rebuild Indexes:  Daily at 2 a.m.