Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.


Import the payments and advance deposits separately, using an application restriction to restrict the new payments to the advance deposit charges.

  1. Create an application restriction to restrict payments to advance deposits.
  2. Create a new deposit.  Select the application restriction created in Step 1 on the Defaults tab.
  3. Import the advance deposits.
  4. Import the payments.  In the import file, indicate the deposit created in Step 2 in the Deposit ID field.

Use the Import from tuition management service option in Administration to import payments to be applied to advance deposits.
  1. Create a data file and import using Import from tuition management service in the Administration.

    View a sample data file (Advance_Deposit_TMS_Import.txt), which imports payments to be applied to advance deposits in the sample database. The sample file was tested in version 7.75.259. Other versions may vary slightly in the available fields.

    For more information and file layout, refer to How to import tuition management services in Student Billing 7.

  2. In Administration, click Import from Tuition Management Service.

    Import from Tuition Management Service

  3. In the Tuition management service field, select the service being used.
  4. In the Import file field, click the browse button to search for and select the file to import.
  5. In the Bank account for deposit field, select a bank account.
  6. Mark the Print a control report or Create output query of records checkboxes as appropriate.
  7. Click Import Now.
  8. Click OK when the confirmation message appears.