When you use the Enroll Applications wizard to create a student record from an application record, the applicant record is not altered. You do create the student view of the record, which has different tabs and features than the applicant view. Following is an explanation of the differences between the applicant and student view.
  • Both the applicant and student views of records have the following tabs: Bio 1, Bio 2, Addresses, Addressees/Salutations, Relationships, Financial Aid, Education, Tests, Medical, Actions, Activities, and Attributes.

    Tabs unique to the applicant view are Applications and Checklist.

    In the student view, the Applications tab becomes the Enrollments tab. There is not a Checklist tab as checklist items are assigned only to applicants. Tabs unique to the student view are Conduct, Courses, Grades, Attendance, and Schedule.

  • Fields unique to the Bio 1 tab of the applicant view are Applicant ID, Inquiry date, School apply, Grade apply, and Year apply.

    Fields unique to the Bio 1 tab of the student view are Student ID, Current school, Advisor, Homeroom teacher, and Homeroom.  



    • When you enroll applicants with the Enroll Applications wizard, you can select to automatically change the prefix of the applicant/student ID from the applicant prefix to the student prefix by marking the Change applicant ID prefix to student ID prefix checkbox on the General tab.
    • Before a student is available for an academic year, the student must have a Student Progression Entry for the academic year specifying the student's school and grade level. Optional fields in the Student Progression Entry are advisor, homeroom teacher, and homeroom. For more information, review What is a Student Progression Entry?.
  • In the applicant view, the Relationships tab has two checkboxes per individual: Emergency Contact and Lives with Applicant.


    In the student view, the Relationships tab has additional checkboxes: Receives Report Cards, Show on Transcripts, and View NetClassroom.
    You can mark the Show on Transcripts checkbox for only one relation per student. 



    • You can automatically mark the Receives Report Card and Show on Transcripts checkboxes on the Relationships tab of the student record by marking checkboxes on the Additional Information tab of the Enroll Applications wizard.


      The View NetClassroom checkbox is marked by default based on the option selected in Configuration Business Rules General.  This setting determines which relations have NetClassroom logins on their records and designates the relations with the checkbox marked on the Relationships tab of the student record.

      Business Rule for the Generate IDs for NetClassroom