If you have Registrar's Office, students in Student Billing are promoted using the End of Year Processing wizard in Registrar's Office Administration. For instructions, refer to How to run the End of Year Processing Wizard.

If you do not have Registrar's Office, follow these steps to promote students in Student Billing Administration. Promoting students advances the selected students to a new grade, and you can also process graduating students.

  1. In Administration> select Promote students. 
  2. On the General tab, select a Billing status to use for returning students.

    Promote Students Screen

  3. On the General tab, mark the Update graduating students box to update the records of students who will graduate. In the fields below, select a billing status, enrollment status, graduation date, date enrolled to date, and reason left for the graduating students. To update the Grade left field to the grade of the student before graduating, mark Update grade left. 
  4. Mark the checkboxes to Create an exception query, an output query, and a control report if needed. 
  5. On the Filters tab and select any appropriate filters to filter the records included in the processing.
    Note: Bill codes selected must apply to the current date to be included. 
  6. Select the Attributes tab: 
    • In the Action column, you can select to add, update, or delete attributes for students when you promote them. 
    • In the Attribute Type column, select an attribute type. 
    • In the Description column, enter or select a description for the attribute type. If you selected a table type attribute that uses short descriptions, you select the attribute description in the Short Description column. 
    • In the Date column, enter the date you add the attribute or another date relevant to the attribute. 
    • If the attribute is required, the checkbox is marked in the Required column. 
    • In the Comments column, enter any additional information about the attribute. 
  7. On the Preview tab, verify that the students listed are correct and unmark the box for records that should not be included. 
  8. Click Preprocessing Report to review the changes in a report format before processing. 
  9. If the information is correct, click Process Now.
    Note: If the Preprocessing Report is not correct, open the Promotion Schedule in Configuration and make sure it is set up correctly.  
  10. Click Close to close the Promote Students Complete form and the control report appears.