1. Open the transcript parameters and select the Summary/Notes tab.
  2. Mark the Show the summary/notes area checkbox.
  3. In the Section column, select Student Notes to open the Student Notes Section screen.
  4. In the Section heading field displays the default heading, enter a heading for the student notes summary section.
  5. To indent the student notes summary section, mark the Indent section details [ ] inches checkbox and enter the amount to indent.
  6. You may also mark to include a blank line, horizontal line, or column break after the section.
  7. Select the fields to include in the notes header, such as date and type.
  8. Select notepad types of notes to include.
  9. Select Sort/Break tab and select how you wish to sort or break the student notes, if desired.
For complete information about report cards and transcripts, review the Mail Guide (PDF).