The plugin showing USD instead of CAD is only cosmetic. If your merchant account is accepting CAD, the number you see is in CAD.

If you do not host The Raiser's Edge with Blackbaud:
  1. On your local workstation, select Start, Settings, Control Panel
  2. Double-click on Regional Settings
  3. On the Regional Settings tab and the Input Locale tab, ensure the English (Canadian) is selected, not English (US)
  4. Select the Currency tab and check the currency settings
  5. If any settings were changed, reboot the workstation and process the gifts via the plug-in again

If Raiser's Edge is hosted with Blackbaud:
  1. Update Regional Settings for non-US format databases in Blackbaud Hosting Services
  2. Confirm the Currency Configuration in the plugin:
    1. Open the NetCommunity plugin in The Raiser's Edge
    2. Click the blue Options link
    3. Select Currency Configuration and confirm it is setup similar to the ones below. It's OK if your options don't include as many as listed below.​Currency Configuration
    4. When finished, click OK
  3. Confirm the exchange rate:
    1. In The Raiser's Edge, navigate to Config>International
​​​​​​RE Exchange Rates
  1. Confirm the Exchange rate is set to 1
​​Canadian dollar donations from NetCommunity show in the NetCommunity plugin in The Raisers Edge as US dollars