1. Create a gift query to group the desired gifts: On the Criteria tab, select Gift information > Gift is Linked to an Event Donation equals Yes.
  2. Save and close the query.
  3. Create a participant query to identify the appropriate participants. (For example, on the Criteria tab, select Events > Event Name equals <Name of Event>)
  4. Save the close the query.
  5. Create a participant export to show the participant information:
    • On the General tab, attach the participant query created in steps 3 and 4.
    • On the Output tab, select Constituent > Summary Information > Gifts > Total Gift Amount. On the Filters tab, choose Include selected next to Query and select the gift query created in steps 1 and 2.
  6. Select any other applicable export fields.
  7. Click Export
NOTE: If the Other Donations on a Participant Record come from another Constituent record, then the Summary Information will NOT reflect those gifts in the Total.  You must export out multiple Other Donations and total them in Excel to add to the Summary Information Total or the Constituent can be soft credited for those gifts and the Summary Information field can include soft credit.
For Example, if the Event is a Walk A Thon and Team Captains receive the credit for Other Donations by adding the Other Donations to the Team Captain's Participant record.  The Team Captain can be added as Soft Credit on those gifts, or the Other Donations section of the Participant Export can be used to Export each of those Donations to add to the total.