Blackbaud Scripts

Copyright© 2003 Blackbaud

Blackbaud, Inc.

This script was created using Microsoft VBScript and may require the installation of scripten.exe from Microsoft's website for older operating systems.

Scripten.exe downloads for Windows 2000 and XP or Windows Server 2003.

This software is provided "as is", with no written or implied guarantee made as to its suitability or fitness for any particular use. It may contain bugs, so the use of this tool is at your own risk. We take no responsibility for any damage that may unintentionally be caused through its use. We recommend backing up all databases prior to its use.

You may not distribute or modify and Blackbaud scripts without express written permission of Blackbaud.

The Word.vbs file makes a connection to Word outside of The Raiser's Edge. This helps isolate either Microsoft Office or The Raiser's Edge as the cause of the problem.  

  1. Download WordVBS.exe and save it to a local drive. It is a self-extracting ZIP file containing the Word.vbs file.
  2. Double-click WordVBS.exe, select an appropriate directory to which to extract the file, and click Unzip.
  3. Browse to the location of the extracted VBS file and double-click Word.vbs
  4. A message appears indicating if a successful connection was made or not

    success message

    Note: If a connection cannot be made, it indicates a problem with the Microsoft Office installation which must be first corrected and is beyond our scope of support