Important considerations:
  • If you're using RE NXT, submit for AddressFinder by logging into RE NXT and clicking Tools > Data health. The AddressFinder wizard there will guide you through the setup. 
  • Prior to submitting your data, review What to consider before submitting data for AddressFinder.
  • Once you send your export file to Blackbaud, do not update The Raiser's Edge database to a later version. The import file created during the AddressFinder screening may not be compatible with the later version, which would cause the update to fail.
  • Do not delete or manually update the addresses of the records you sent to Blackbaud. 

1. Click on the Data Health Center module.
  • Note: Next depending on your version of The Raiser's Edge you may also need to select the Data Health Center tab at the top center of your database to access the main Data Health Center page.
2. Across from the AddressFinder link click Submit New Data or Submit Your Data.
3. General tab
  1. If you are submitting all records continue to step 3. If using a query, click the first Include button > Selected Records. Then select and open the query of constituents whose addresses should be included in the export file.
  • Note: A query is not always needed. Normally queries are only used when there is a limit to the number of addresses you are allowed to submit. If you are not sure if you have a submission cap, Contact your account manager and ask for your AddressFinder contract details. You can also Refer to When is a query needed for AddressFinder? for more information.
  1. In the Address to Check frame, ensure that Selected addresses is set. This is defaulted to the preferred address which is recommended.
  2. In the Head of Household processing frame, select Export only constituents marked Head of Household, Export the first constituent found, or Export both constituents separately. It is recommended to leave this defaulted to Export both constituents separately.
  3. Mark the appropriate check boxes in the Include these Constituents frame. You can choose to include Inactive constituents, Deceased constituents, and Constituents with no valid address.
  4. Mark Create control report to get a report of the records and addresses that are submitted. Set it to preview. 
  5. Mark Create exception query to generate an exception file at the end of the submission. The file contains all fields the program did not successfully export.
  6. Mark Create an output query to create a query of all records submitted.
  • Note: If you are unsure what options to select, the picture below are the recommended options you should check.
User-added image

4. Click Contact Information tab.
  1. Enter your name in the Your Name field.
  2. Enter your phone number in the Phone Number field.
  3. Enter your email address in the Email Address field.
5. Click Summary tab.
  1. Review the information to confirm your selections are correct.
6. Click Submit File Now.
  • Note: A NCOA Acknowledgement Window will open if your Data Health Center is up to date, which can be checked by going to to the Web Services module. Click OK.
7. In the Save Static Query window Input/Select preferences for records being submitted > Click Save.
In the Save Static Query window Input/Select preferences for records with exceptions > Click Save.
9. The AddressFinder Export Control Report can be previewed and exported by clicking the White Envelope with a Red Arrow icon or the Export Report icon at the top of your window depending on your version of RE once the report appears.
10. Click the "X" icon at the top right once you are finished with the Export Control Report to complete the submission process.
  • Note: If you do not exit out of the report your data will not be submitted.
11. A message that your AddressFinder request has been uploaded successfully will appear. Click OK.

Below is a video that you can follow along with that will walk you through the submission process for AddressFinder.