Note: If we plan on importing the attendance, refer to How to import Day Attendance to ensure we have all of the required fields.
  1. In Export, click New
  2. Select Student as the type and Excel or CSV as the format and click Create now
  3. On the Filters tab, filter based with the preferred settings (certain student or status for example)
  4. Select the Output tab
  5. Expand Attendance, By Day, Detail and select Code
  6. On the General tab of the Detail screen, enter 99 as the number of Attendance by Day Details to export
  7. Enter the start and end dates of attendance to include in the export or leave the date fields blank to include all dates
  8. Select a field from the Order by drop-down menu to sort the exported attendance
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  1. Select the Filters tab of the Detail screen
  2. Choose selected in the Include column for Academic Year and select the year to include in the export
  3. Choose selected in the Include column for Attendance Codes and select the Attendance codes to include in the export
  4. Select any other filters needed to export the correct information and click OK
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  1. Include any other preferred fields such as grade level, date, or any other preferred fields. 
  2. Click Export Now.
  3. Enter a name for the exported file and click OK.
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