1. Create an import file with the required fields

    The required fields needed to import payers are:

    • Record ID (Student ID)
    • Payer ID (ID of Payer)
    • Distribution Type (define as Primary payer distribution)
    • Responsible for paying (define as 100% or split if multiple payers)


    • In Administration, click Import records
    • Highlight Default Payer and click New Import
    • Select the option to Import new records
    • In the Import file field, enter the path of the Import file created in step one
    • Complete the remaining fields on the General tab as needed, click Next
    • Select the appropriate options on the File Layout tab, click Next
    • Define the fields in the import file (if using a saved parameter file from the create import file process the fields will already be defined as needed), click Next
    • Mark the Create exception file of records not updated/imported option to create a file of records that could not be created/updated. This option allows you to modify the records causing an exception and import them separately.
    • Mark the create control report option
    • Click Save and enter an appropriate name
    • Click Import Now to begin the import process
    • Review the control report once the process is complete

    View a sample data file (bb218108.csv)

    For more information, refer to How to import into The Financial Edge - The Basics of Importing (BB73785)