Application Restrictions allow more control of the application of payments, advance deposit credits, and financial aid credits. It can be determined if a payment is designated for tuition only or for miscellaneous items.

Financial Aid and Advance Deposits can be restricted to be applied only to transactions in the same month.
    • In Configuration, click Application Restrictions.
    • Click New Restriction.
    • Enter the Restriction ID and description.
    • Select a Date option:
      • Transactions can be on any date: the Application Restriction will be valid at all times. This is beneficial if your restrictions will not change from year to year.
      • Transactions included can only be from: the Application Restriction will be valid only between the dates defined
      • [Billing Cycle name]: the Application Restriction will be valid for the date range of the billing cycle.
      • In the Billing items to apply payment to when using this restriction grid, select the Billing item type and ID.
        Note: We recommend creating one restriction for all tuition items to maintain the same application restriction for tuition. However, you can be more specific if necessary.
      • If necessary, repeat the process to create other restrictions (Ex. Miscellaneous charges).
      • On the bottom of the restriction, there will be three checkboxes. These checkboxes will allow the ability to restrict financial aid, advance deposit credits, and Tuition Management Payments by month. See steps below to implement:


        Restricting Applications by Date

        To ensure your transactions apply by month follow these steps.
        1. Mark the checkboxes at the bottom of the Application Restriction for all the desired transaction types.
        • Save and Close the Application Restriction.
        • Open the Financial Aid item and select the Restrictions tab.
        • Select Configuration from the 'Use the restrictions from' drop-down menu.
        • Select the Application Restriction you marked the checkboxes for.
        • Repeat the process for any other Financial Aid items and Advance Deposit Items.

          Note: Review your Tuition and Financial Aid schedules in Products and Billing Items to ensure they have the same schedule.

          For information on defining application restrictions on records, refer to:

          • How to add application restrictions to credits