Blackbaud NetAdvocacy is an optional subscription service for Blackbaud NetCommunity which allows you to take your grassroots advocacy campaigns to the next level. Motivate supporters and potential supporters to take action through the Internet, with personalized email and Web content based on a person's interests and history with your organization.

Through a partnership with Capitol Advantage, the industry leader in advocacy, Blackbaud NetAdvocacy strengthens public awareness of your issues by empowering your supporters to advise officials and the media about issues that impact your organization's mission. You can grow your prospective donor base by first asking potential supporters to act on your behalf — it's then easier to turn those supporters into donors. Over time, you'll continue to know more about your supporters and what motivates them to better target your future appeals for action or for financial support.

Contact your account manager for more information about Blackbaud NetAdvocacy.