In Integration, you can select fields to map between your education software and Raiser's Edge 7 database. You can select the following types of fields: people, applications/enrollments, and primary business.

The Integration committee should determine the fields that will be synchronized, so the fields can be mapped when configuring integration.


We recommend you print and circulate the list of fields that can be mapped.
You can print field mapping tables from the your education software help file:


  1. Select Help, Help Topics
  2. Select the Contents tab
  3. Expand Integration
  4. Expand The Raiser's Edge Integration Planning
  5. Select Field Mapping



  • The Integration committee members should review the available fields with their respective offices to determine what fields are being used and how, and if there are any fields they do not want to share.
  • If you make a mapped field required in one database, you should also make the field required in the other database.


Fields Available for Mapping


  • People
    • Addresses
    • Birth date
    • Deceased?
    • Ethnicity
    • First Name
    • Gender
    • Last Name (required)
    • Maiden Name
    • Marital Status
    • Middle Name
    • Nickname
    • Phones (available only if Addresses is selected)
    • Relationship notes
    • Religion
    • SSN
    • Suffix 1
    • Suffix 2
    • Title 1
    • Title 2


  • Applications/Enrollments
    • Class of
    • Entered/Enroll date
    • Date graduated
    • Date left
    • Status


  • Primary Business
    • Addresses
    • Contact type
    • Contact?
    • Organization name (required)
    • Phones (available only if Addresses is selected)
    • Position
    • Print position?
    • Relationship notes