• In Query, create a new Applicant or Student query
    • On the Filters tab, filter on the applicants or students to be included in the export
      • To export the Primary Addressee or Salutation:
        1. Expand Relationship, Person Relation
        2. Select Primary Addressee and/or Primary Salutation

        3. To include an Addressee or Salutation other than primary:
          1. Expand Relationship, Secondary Addressee/Salutation
          2. Select the Addressee/Salutation field to include in the export
          3. Select a Addressee/Salutation type
          • On the Relationships output criteria screen, select the General tab
          • Enter the number of relationships to export
          • Select the Filters tab and choose Selected for Relationship types
          • Select the Relationship Types to include
          • Click OK, OK
          • On the Output tab, select any other fields to include in the results