Student Billing 7 offers flexibility in assigning charges and applying payments. Payments can be applied to any charge, regardless of who is responsible for payment. If you convert from Student Billing 6:

  • Student-centric records, those with Assign all charges to this student's account selected on the Bio1 tab, convert with Assign all charges to this student's account as the Billing Option on the Bio2 tab.
  • Payer-centric records, those with Assign each charge to a payer's account selected on the Bio1 tab, convert with the the payer(s)defined on the Assign Charges To tab tab listed as the responsible payers on the Payer tab.

To change the payer responsible for charges:

  1. Go to Records, Students, Open a Student. 
  2. Select the Payers tab. 
  3. In the When charges are added to [student name], assign payment responsibility to grid, you can highlight a row and click Remove, or you can highlight a new row and click Add Payer. Select the payers responsible for the student's charges.  
  4. In the Responsible for Paying column enter the percent of charges assigned to that payer.


To set up fee exceptions for a specific fee:

  1. In the Exceptions: grid, click Add billing item and click Find Now. Highlight the billing item and click Open. 
  2. Select a Payer name. The responsibility for that charge defaults to 100%.  
  3. To change the percentage of fee for which they are responsible, double-click the percentage column on that row and change the percentage. Enter another payer and edit the percentage until the total assigned is 100%. 
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Save and Close.

    Note: Changing payer responsibility for charges is not retroactive. You must manually update the record responsible for payment on each unpaid charge.