• Open the student record and select the Activity tab
    • Select Scheduled Activity from the View drop-down menu
    • Highlight the ungenerated financial aid schedule and click Generate on the action bar
    • On the General tab, select Automatic Billing Schedules and Scheduled Charges/Credits from the Generate drop-down menu
    • Select the appropriate date range and enter the billing schedule transaction date
    • Select whether you want to include all or no billing items without a bill code
    • If the student has not yet been promoted and the schedule should be based upon next year's grade, mark the For grade-based billing, use student's next grade checkbox
    • Enter or mark any other appropriate information
    • On the Filters tab, select any appropriate filters
    • On the Transaction Defaults tab, define the Post Status to be assigned to the transaction, and determine how you want the Due Date and Post Date to be determined

      Note: Defining a Post Date in a period different from than the transaction date can cause reconciliation issues
    • Click Pre-Generation Report to preview the transactions
    • When you are satisfied with the Pre-generation, click Generate Now to generate the financial aid credits

      For more information on Financial Aid, review: How to set up and generate Financial Aid (BB212157)